Waroeng Penyet – Joo Chiat

Ayam Penyet seems to be quite the rage in Singapore lately.  Waroeng Penyet is a chain from Indonesia that sells the lovely Ayam Penyet, and they recently relocated from Marine Parade side, to Joo Chiat, opposite i12 Katong on that stretch of East Coast Road.


They have a lunch set menu, which is Ayam Penyet, or the Fried Beef or Fried Catfish, or the grilled equivalents for $8-$8.50.  It includes rice and free flow drinks.

It is an Ayam Penyet restaurant, so I have to get it.


The nice thing here is they ask you what you prefer, the leg or the breast.  I went for the breast, which I normally do.  Then I realized that I should have went for the leg, because sometimes in Ayam Penyet, the breast comes out very very dry.

This was really not an exception.  The breast a little dry, not so juicy, so that’s my bad.

It comes with one piece of the Tahu, which is also nicely fried.  The sambal is very spicy, but quite nice.

The Ayam itself was nicely fried and with good flavor.  Just a little dry on the breast part.

Then of course, I made another mistake.  I went for Gado Gado.  I don’t know why, I wanted to add the piece of Fried Beef to try it out, but veggies kept going through my mind.  So I went for Gado Gado.


Not a wise move, this one was not so good.  I am not sure what or why it was, but the taste just did not sit right with me.  The crisps were nice, but otherwise, not so nice.  Should have went for the beef.

Will I come back?  I think so, to try out other stuff.  Quick, easy, hot and good service.  So why not?

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