Maekhong Thai – Tanjong Katong

There are so many options on Tanjong Katong for food now, sometimes you forget what’s around.  For example, Maekhong Thai, which is right next to Bee Chang Hiang, but hidden behind a little bit, so they use lots of signs and placards.  The food here is not that bad.


We settled in for a quick meal on a Saturday night and tried to enjoy the food.

We started off with some Thai Iced Tea and an Iced Lemongrass Drink.


Now onto the food.  We went with the Minced Pork with Fried Basil, minus the chilis.  I could have changed the oil on my car with the amount of oil that was in this dish.  There was so much oil in it, it didn’t quite taste right.  We tilted the plate so that all the oil ran off and then scooped it out.  The food was ok, but the oil was too much.


Green Curry Chicken.  I actually did not want to order this, but Lena wanted it tonight.  So we got it.  Because I always get Green Curry Chicken, sometimes I want to try others in a Thai place, but tonight, we got it.  And it was pretty good.  The color was a brighter green than most places, but not too spicy, plenty of chicken and eggplant.  Quite a nice dish.


Prawn Omelet.  Quite greasy and oily.  They throw egg into a lot of oil in a wok and let it cook, and that’s exactly what this was.  When you bite into it, you really don’t taste egg, you taste the crispy oil.

Not a great meal to be honest with you because of the oil and grease.  But, I’ve been there before and other things are nice, like the prawn cakes.

So I would give it another shot.


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