Imm Thai Street Food – Berkeley, CA

Great ethnic food is a staple of the Bay Area, and in Berkeley, there are a lot of different places to eat.  Imm Thai Street Food is one of them.


Not often you see Roti Prata in a Thai place…


Papaya Salad.  This one is very nice, fresh and the tastes are great.


Chicken Wings, crispy and a nice tangy sauce.  Nice!


Baby Back Ribs with Crispy Garlic.  This was awesome!


Crispy Sweet Chiken.  More Chinese style than anything really.  And it’s small strips of chicken…


Green Curry Chicken.  This one is nice!


Yen Ta Foh.  A Seafood Noodle Soup in a red spciy broth.  Quite nice!


Duck Noodles.  Very nice also!

IMG_5531This is great.  I like this place a lot, it’s got fresh food, great Thai tastes and it just makes an eating experience great.


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