Bocanova – Oakland, CA

Jack London Square in Oakland has a bunch of different restaurants and dining options.  Time to choose where to eat!  We decided on Bocanova, a Pan-American restaurant that has different styles on older style dishes.

We start with a little Grilled Asparagus and Green Onions.  Nicely seasoned and done just right.


Next up is Grilled Octopus with Chick Peas and Lemon.  Very Mediterranean, taste good, but not enough Octopus.


Grilled Duck Breast with Slaw.  The Duck was done just right, the slaw a nice crispy compliment.


Cajun style Rice.  A little spicy, not quite Jambalaya, but it’s good.


Dungeness Crab Deviled Eggs.  Very nice!


Cajun style Prawns.  Not the best…


Sea Bass Ceviche with Plaintain Chips.  Nicely seasoned and the plaintain chips were a nice touch versus crackers.


Lobster Chowder.  Not enough Lobster…


Dark Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Not a fan, but the others loved it.

IMG_5520A great little dining experience for sure.  Jack London Square is quite nice, it is to be enjoyed that’s for sure.


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