Burma Superstar – Oakland, CA

A visit to the Bay Area to see Lena’s dearest friend results in a looking for great food!  We’ve heard about Burma Superstar, so we decided that this was where we were going to meet to begin the weekend.

Looking rather plain on the outside, the food was something else though.


We started with one of their specialties, the Burmese Smoked Tea Leaf Salad.  Containing lettuce and then crispies and other items, there’s a Smoked Tea Leaf paste which is the “Dressing” for the salad.


Mixed together it has a distinctive taste.  It was pretty good.  A little “musty” for others, but I quite liked it.


A little Prata for good measure.  A little too oily for me, but nicely done.


Some Basil Chicken.  Very reminiscent of Thai cooking.


Some Burmese Prawn Curry.  Not as sweet as Cambodian Curry, not as spicy as Thai Curry.  A nice mix in between.


Some Burmese Noodles, which is a little like Pad Thai, but slightly different.

IMG_5508Burmese cooking is an interesting mix of what is widely known out there.  People are used to Thai cooking, but they need to give Burmese cooking a shot too!


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