Pop Pop Thai Street Food – Seattle

I am always on the hunt for good Thai food, especially Thai Street Food.  When I heard of Pop Pop, I had to go try it.  Especially since I found out that they serve Kao Ka Moo, Braised Pork Leg.

I zeroed in on Kao Ka Moo, and then, what else should we order?  But first, we got the Kao Ka Moo.  The taste was so reminiscent of the Thai street stalls I have had it at, the Tescos, the rest stops along the road to Pattaya, the side streets in Bangkok.  Wow, this was that good!  Needs a little more gravy though!


Some Soon Wen Pad Thai also.  Great wok hei on this, the taste is real good!


Chicken Wings.  Crispy, sweet, spicy, all of the above.


The menu for all of you to peruse.

IMG_6422 IMG_6423 IMG_6424

This place deserves the accolades it is getting in the Seattle area.  Absolutely fabulous food!


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