Platypus Kitchen – Bugis

We’re always on the lookout for different stuff.  And perhaps sometimes we lean towards an “Asian Fusion” type of meal.  It attracts us to try, and that’s why we were drawn to Platypus Kitchen.

Originally I went looking for Lobster, as Lena loves it, and that led me to Lobster Shack, which led me to Platypus Kitchen.  The range is larger there, and we went for the experience.

Located at Bugis Junction, in the old Lena’s location, it was a little empty when we arrived at 6pm.  We were seated and the menu choices, though not large, made us a little dizzy trying to decide what to eat as it all looked pretty good.


The place definitely filled up as the night went on.


Instead of a la carte, we decided to take a look at the 3-course set.  The selections looked pretty good. Yes, there are a lot of upcharges for items, but at the same time, it’s quite worth it from looking at the a la carte menu.


The drink menu is quite interesting too.  A lot of different types of combinations and pretty to look at.


Let’s start with our 3 courses.  First up was the Lobster and Crustacean Bisque.  One piece of lobster and a bisque that was a little too salty and crustacean tasting.  I think I would give this a miss.


Chili Crab Asian Buns.  There’s crab inside, along with wonton skins and some veggies.


The taste was pretty good.  This one was much better as a good starter.


On to the mains.  Here is the Crustacean Rice Bowl.  Uni Creme, Boston Lobster and Caviar.  The taste on this one was really good.  Creamy and a great example of Asian Fusion.


This dish was just outstanding.  Ribeye and Truffle Rice Roll.  The ribeye was tender and perfect.  The honey and black truffle soy sauce was awesome.  The onsen egg, when broken in the middle blended everything together.  What a perfect dish.


Dessert!  Apple Tart a la Mode.  Good basic dessert.  No complaints.


Molten Lava Cake.  Thick, rich and decadent.  This was also great.

IMG_7811Not a bad value for money.  The food was great, the highlight being the Rice Bowls.  Awesome!


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