Ottoman Kebab & Grill – Bedok

I had lunch with a friend of mine and he eats Halal, thus we decided to get to Ottoman Kebab & Grill for our meal.  Inside the mall, it’s quite  a nice little space.

I started with a Turkish Coffee.  The server asked me if I wanted sugar. I said no.  He looked at me like I had 50 heads.  “No sugar?  Are you sure?” Yes, I don’t take sugar with coffee, no matter what country or blend I am having.

Taste is great.  Real coffee, it comes right through.  No sugar needed.


A little Baba Ganoush.  Now, I think someone has to tell Ottoman that it should come with Pita or Flat Bread.  Not just like this.  Just saying…

But, nonetheless, a nice tasty Baba Ganoush, which I enjoyed with my Flat Bread that I got with my main lunch…


And that was a nice Mutton Kebab.  With Rice, Salad and Sauce.  And oh yes, the Pita!


A little dry, but the flavors were all there and nice.

IMG_7815Yes I would go back.  But I want Pita with my Baba Ganoush!



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