Chow Fun – Grandstand

A good place for us is a place that serves things in small portions.  One of us is not a big eater, and we both like to try a lot of things.  Therefore, we like places with small bites, so we don’t get too full!

That doesn’t necessarily mean Tapas, but more of a small plates restaurant.  So when I read a review of Chow Fun, and about how they had tasting portions of their different takes on noodles, we were sold and had to give it a try.


A section of their menu to check out.


We started with the Pork Belly Bibim Guksu.  This really had all the nice flavors of cold Korean noodles and the pork belly was nice.  Well done!


Bak Kut Teh.  Really great BKT taste to the broth, and the noodles was an interesting touch.  The Bak was nice and tender too.


Pink Shrimp.  The creamy sauce was full of shrimp taste, without a doubt.


Waygu Bolognese.  Honestly, a disappointment.  Needed some seasoning, and the Waygu doesn’t really come out (and there’s an upcharge for this one).


Salted Egg Yolk.  Not to heavy on the salted egg, so it is just nice and not to fatty or oily or choky like salted egg can be.  This was a highlight for sure.


Mushroom Truffle. Yum.  Very truffle-y tasting, nice cream.


Bacon Pesto.  A little candied on the bacon, but the pesto is a nice balance.


Tom Yum Cream.  Nice with a bite.  The Fried Chicken Skin is a nice little touch too.

IMG_8435There were a few more that I wanted to try, but the stomach couldn’t take it anymore.  After all, it’s all noodles and pasta, so it does fill you up, and we had a lot of cream based ones.

It’s so much fun to see what comes out, and then to taste and compare and then discuss about it.  It really is a fun time.

Worth another trip for us, and you should take the trip too!


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