Bergs – Katong

I keep searching for the ever elusive great burger in Singapore, and I keep winding up disappointed.  How about Bergs?  Highly recommended and reviewed, I had to try the shop on East Coast Road.

It is labeled as a Gourmet Burger, but does that really mean they can just charge more? Let’s try.

We went on a Monday, and they had their free fries with every regular burger ordered, so we got our fries.

Steak Fries style.  Not bad on the outside, and soft on the inside.  Not sure about the sauce here, more of a Steak Sauce than the usual ketchup.  Wound up asking for ketchup though.


My biggest problem was that the Fries arrived, and we ate Fries.  For the next 20 minutes.

Nothing until 20 minutes later when we got our Miss Piggy Burger with Blue Cheese instead of regular cheese.  But they forgot the bacon, so it was sent back for another 5 minutes.  And there were not a lot of people there either. By then, we were too hungry and forgot to take a picture with the bacon.IMG_8533

Not a great burger.  Meat was dry, bun was dry, not enough sauce.  I had to add lots of extra sauce to get it down.  The Blue Cheese was also very limited.

The other problem that comes is that we ordered some sliders. That came 10 minutes after this burger!

We ordered the regular Berg, then two chicken burgers in the Budgie Smuggler (with sweet marinade) and the Mumbo Jumbo (with Cajun Spices).  The burger in the regular was almost non-existant as was the cheese.  I might as well have ordered a bun only.

While the chicken was generous, it was dry as anything.

IMG_8534I can’t recommend this place at all.  Gourmet burgers, maybe that’s the problem.  Gourmet, but not great.


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