Katsu Burger – Lynnwood, Seattle

Before I left Seattle, I had wanted to try Katsu Burger.  The Japanese inspired burger joint had a great reputation for great burgers, using beef, and their signature Katsu, both Pork and Chicken.

Located in the same shopping center as H-Mart near the Alderwood Mall, the selection is quite good.  You can have beef, pork or chicken as your protein.


Creative choices such as a Curry Katsu burger, a regular beef burger, or even the fully stacked monster burger of one beef, one pork and one chicken patty.  But, I can’t eat that much.

Thus I went for the classic that they have, the Ninja Deluxe!  This is a Tonkatsu burger with cabbage, cheese, bacon, kewpie mayo and Tonkatsu sauce.  The meal deal comes with fries seasoned how you want it, I went with Nori seasoned in this case.IMG_8552

Taking a closer look at the burger, it is just nice.  Crispiness of the coating on the Tonkatsu, a soft bun and the sauce spread on it.  Just a magnificent burger.IMG_8555Sign me up to try more of their burgers!


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