Nakajima Suisan – Takashimaya, Orchard

I had heard quite a bit about Nakajima Suisan, which is located in the basement of Takashimaya, that made Grilled Fish.  How the sets were nicely priced and the fish was fresh and tasted great.  I decided to give it a try for lunch, right around 11:30 as the lunch crowd can get busy.

img_0263There are quite a bit of tables and some counter seats.  You need to order first and then get seated.  When it’s not busy, it’s not a problem, you order and sit.  But when it’s busy, you need to follow this.  Don’t just join the queue of people, make sure you order first!

Take a look at the menu.  It’s hard to know what to order if you don’t know what the words mean.  Luckily you can go up to the cashier and see some pictures.

The Gindara, or Cod, is quite popular, as is the Salmon.  But take a look when you pay at the counter, you may change your mind.img_0264I went for the Gin Hirasu Meikyo Set.  This is Mackerel with a Meikyo Miso and grilled.  The set comes with Rice, Salad, Miso Soup, Pickles and Tofu.

The rice is nice quality, the soup full of veggies and some meat as well. The salad is crisp and fresh.  Very nice.img_0262The fish itself is cooked to perfection.  Not overdone, a nice taste from the grill and marinade.  This is a winning piece of fish!img_0262I absolutely recommend this place.  Good value, and healthy for you too!


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