Putien – Nex

I’ve been to Putien many times over the years here in Singapore.  And I do follow Michelin stars and all that stuff pretty closely and I had forgotten how this branched out chain actually got a Michelin star for it’s original Kitchener branch.

The food is good, but I am not sure it’s what I think of as Michelin star.  Either way, I went back and had a great meal!

img_0582We started with the traditional Lo Hei. img_0585 img_0584 img_0583 Not bad at all, I love to Lo, it’s quite fun.

Here is one of their signature dishes, the Lor Mee.  Not what you think about when you think of Hawker Centre Lor Mee.  This one is different.  Great broth and flavor, it’s deep and rich.img_0576Their Fried Bee Hoon is not as nice though.  A little dry for me. img_0580 I have always loved their Lychee Sweet and Sour Pork.  It never disappoints me.img_0578 The chicken with garlic is also a winner.img_0579Steamed Soon Hock.  Tender and just done nicely. img_0581It’s great food, no doubt about it.  Michelin star?  Perhaps.


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