Tokaikan – East Coast Road

We wanted to try some Teppanyaki with a one-for-one deal and Tokaikan offers that.  Located on East Coast Road, opposite i12, it is a place that is easy to miss among the others.

img_0569 Here they do Teppanyaki and other dishes.img_0568 A little Seaweed Salad to start.img_0557Another Salad. img_0559Some Gyoza to start too. img_0561 Teriyaki Chicken Bowlimg_0564Pork Katsu Curry img_0565Here’e the Teppanyaki.  This is Kurabota Pork.  Nice and not too dry, well done. img_0563 And the beef, tender and just done right.  The charred fatty bits on are on the right.img_0562It’s not bad, but the price is quite up there.  Not sure that the price is worth it.


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