Bar KJterý Neexistuje – Brno, Czech Republic

We wanted a quick meal as it was late at night.  My colleague suggested this nice little bar, Bar Který Neexistuje – The Non-Existant Bar.

It’s actually more well-known for it’s impressive cocktail mix and bartenders who put on a show while creating cocktails. I had to try the Fritz Cola though, another type of Cola in the Czech Republic.  This one is not as sweet, but still there. But what they are also known for is a great burger.  All the locals I talked to said this place had a great burger.  So we tried.I had the special burger of the day.  Bacon with Blue Cheese and Carmelized Onions.  The bacon was chunks, like the one off to the side, not slices.

The taste was pretty good, but the mistake is once again the bun.  Too big and fancy.Hey, I am sure this is a cool place to hang out, but the burger – not so sure.


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