Para Bar Pierożki Sim Sum – Poznan, Poland

We were hungry as we rolled into Poznan for the night.  What to have for dinner?  Honestly, my colleague and I were both a little sick of Polish/Czech/Hungarian food, thus we saw this interesting concept – Pierogi as Dim Sum.  Why not?

The inside is relatively small.  An equal amount of dine in and takeaway orders I think.  They have a real steamer bought from China behind the counter where they do everything!This is a new brand for me, John Lemon.  This is Rhubarb Lemonade. I had to try their Baozi.  Inside the meat was shredded, not bad tasting. I also tried a variety of their dumplings.  This one was pork and shrimp.  Not bad at all.   The only thing was that of the 5 different types that we tried, they all looked the same.  No variation.  But, the tastes were not bad considering where we were.

A good place to try!


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