Nara Thai – Bangkok Central World

A great reputation in one of Bangkok’s biggest malls, let’s try out Nara Thai.  Nara Thai has outlets in Singapore but the original is in Bangkok.

My true test – Green Curry Chicken.  Nice and light, not too heavily spiced and not too rich from the coconut milk.  It has pickles in it, which is interesting to me.  But a thumbs up from me!Some meatball tang hoon as one of us can’t take spice, heavy oyster sauce, salt, etc. A lovely fried Sea Bass with Chili and other items.  Veggies in the background.  The fish was pretty good!  A little sweet and sticky as it was fried and then put back into the wok with a sauce. Soft Shell Crab with Yellow Curry.  Almost as good as Somboon!  This was a great dish! Good food and good times with friends in Bangkok!


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