Kim Kee Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee – Jalan Batu

The small hawker centre at 4A Jalan Batu is known for this Wanton Mee shop.  It used to be a small shop and moved here.  It was featured in a Hong Kong tv show with Choi Lan also.  And thus, there is usually a queue and many people.

Today I got there and there were 2 people ahead of me.  Pretty fast right?  Ordered a large S$4 Wanton Mee Dry.  The aunty told me to take a seat.  So I did.  20 minutes later, I got my noodles.The noodles were pretty good, springy and full of flavor, done just right.  The Wanton a little on the small and not so flavorful side.  The Char Siew was a little dry.

But, I still don’t know why the wait was 20 minutes.  I am not quite sure as there weren’t many people ahead of me.  And the aunty only took orders once they were ready to go.

Either way, I have now tried both stalls at Jalan Batu and I can honestly say that I prefer the other stall – Tanjon Rhu Wanton Mee.


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