Burger Joint – Telok Ayer

A hidden burger place in Telok Ayer?  It’s the Singapore outlet of Burger Joint from NYC.

That’s the signage. This way is all there is to indicate how to go. And then you see this! The menu is there written on cardboard. So let’s try some of this stuff. Cream soda.Here is the Bacon Cheeseburger. LooLooking good! And Onion Rings!  I always go for these instead of Fries. A meal fit for Kings? Here is what I think.  The burger is good, not bad at all.  The Onion Rings are terrible.  They are the frozen minced kind, an after thought, frozen from a food service if I am right.  Not worth it.

My biggest complaint is that this Bacon Cheeseburger is $20 SGD!!!  How do you get away with that?  No matter how much I like the burger, I can’t justify paying that a second time.  The first time – ok – just to try.  But again?  I need a raise!

So, try it once.  See that it’s a pretty good burger, like the one in NYC, but then, go looking somewhere else for another burger at a better price.


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