10 at Claymore – Pan Pacific Orchard

10 at Claymore is the lobby restaurant at the Pan Pacific Orchard.  What they have is a buffet theme that lasts for 2 months and each one is different.  We wanted to try their Waygu and Lobster Buffet, but it was sold out totally for when we wanted to go.  So we decided to head there for Lena’s birthday buffet and the theme was Iberico Ham, Oysters and Lobsters Buffet.  We are there!

Shall we start the buffet?  Carving up the ham! My only complaint on this is that there wasn’t the fresh tomato and bread usually served with this.  I just made my own since the salad bar had tomatoes and there were baguettes! Oyster time. They shuck them for you on the spot. Here are the Lobsters!  We just went for tails and tails.  Lobster is so expensive in Singapore that you have to just fill up on them.

Oh yes, there were Prawns, Mussels and Clams too.  The Prawns were nice, but Lobster baby!The size is ok, but just go for it.  Over and over again! There is Salmon and Tuna Sashimi available, but not really worth the time for me.Penang Prawn Mee. Didn’t try it.  Try not to go for carbos on a buffet! Beef Tenderloin.  Well cooked and seasoned. Lots of carbo.  Penang Char Kway Teow.Salted Egg Prawn. Brown Glutinous Rice.  Haven’t seen this before.  Quite dry.  Yes, carbo, but I had to try something I never saw before.Duck.  Tender and nice Lamb Ribs. Roast Chicken Thighs.Chili Crab Sauce with Crab, Mantou and Keropok. We used the sauce to dip the cold LobsterTeriyaki Salmon. Roast Chicken Seafood Casserole.  More lobster!  This one was hot and with broth, so we went for all the tails in here with the broth. Dessert! $68 SGD a head and then there is a discount using a certain credit card.  That’s a bargain.  Well worth it, especially at the cost for a Lobster in Singapore!


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