Quan Xing Spicy Prawn Crackers – Bedok North Street 3

Wu Xiang, the great hawker fare of little items, fried or put together and served as bite-sized eats.  This is an awesome one.

In full disclosure, it is owned by a friend of mine’s family, but the items are special.

Take a look at some of the items.  90% of them are hand made, while some are bought and resold.  All of the rolls are homemade, as well as the Yam Cakes, Prawn Crackers and Cutlets. Crackers and the Sausage.  So nice. Assorted Fish Cakes and Tofu.  So light and dense at the same time so it’s flavorful. Look at the Wu Xiang.  There’s that and then there is an outstanding Yam Cake, Spring Roll, Sotong You Tiao.  This is just so good.The Bee Hoon is quite nice too, but not necessary for you to enjoy. Even better, the sauces are home made.  The sweet sauce is home made, which is something a lot of stalls do not do anymore.  The chili is also home made and quite biting.  They are only open at night as they arrive around 10-11am to start making all of the items that they sell.  Give it a shot, it is worth it.


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