Sandaime Bunji – Millenia Walk

Where can you get a good deal on beef in Singapore?  It seems like almost nowhere to be honest with you.  Beef is expensive in Singapore and having it just doesn’t make economical sense sometimes.  But sometimes you run into something which is a great deal and makes you want to come back for more.  This is the case with Sandaime Bunji.

Located outside of Millenia Walk in the little street of restaurants, it’s a quaint little place.

Step inside and it really reminds one of the small izakayas in Japan that you walk into. Right down to the grills in front of the seating area. They specialize in Beef Tongue dishes, so do try those out, but I was here for their Beef Promotions, most notably the Mountain of Meat. In fact, all of their promotions look pretty good to me. And here it is, the set!  The Mountain of Meat, a small salad, tofu and an Ox Tail Soup (which was clear, which surprised me a lot).Just take a look.  250g of Wagyu Roast Beef on top of rice.  My goodness it is mouthwatering good to look at. The taste was superb.  The beef was tender, flavorful and not overpowering.  It is definitely worthy of a great meal and worth you stomach space.  The only thing that would have made this better was if the egg was an onsen egg.  Imagine stirring a runny egg yolk through that…

You need to go, especially if you’re a lover of beef, as I am.


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