Stateland Cafe – Kampong Glam

Stateland Cafe has been around awhile, known for food and their soft serve and waffles.  The plan was to have some of the ice cream and waffles, but the size of the stomach got in the way…

Located in Kampong Glam, it is in the trend of industrial chic.  Bare bones fantastic as they call it.

The menu is quite a mixture of items. Each main comes with a drink so of course we go for a coffee drink and some cold drinks. We went for the Roasted Pork Belly Roll.  This is Pork Belly done two ways – Braised and Fried.  The Braised is soft and tender but the Fried is a little strange.  It’s a bit tender, but a little dry from the frying.  The taste is quite nice though, a definite fusion. Herbal Duck Risotto.  The duck was actually not as tender as I thought it would be.  The herbal-ness is definitely there, but it is quite strange to have a broth with a risotto.  A little different combination that I am not sure about. We also went for the Gyoze with Mentaiko Cream Sauce.  Also a little different as I thought it was a bit salty for me.Everyone seemed to have ice cream and waffles and poor us did not have any more room to order it.  Next time!


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