Burg’s – Golden Mile Food Centre

I am always searching for a good burger in Singapore.  As is the case here, it is either not a hamburger, it’s too dry, too expensive or just terrible.

I was put onto this spot at Golden Mile Food Centre by a friend of mine who said I had to give it a try – the burgers are great and the price is right.

As I heard there was almost always a long queue, I went for an early lunch, right as it opened at 11:30am.

Let’s take a look at the menu.  It does change at times, so when you go it might be different.  There are plenty of choices and the prices look good.  As I wanted to try a few burgers, I went for singles.  This would be good for some and not for others.

How does one choose? Nacho Fish Burger was recommended to me, so I gave it a shot.  The first thing I noticed was the bun – soft and awesome.  My biggest complaint about burger places at times is that the bread is too thick, dry and chewy.  It’s only a compliment and should “smoosh” together properly.  This bun does that.

The fish was a little on the light side – here is where I would have went with a double.  But the flavor was right there, the cheese made this burger sing for me. The Beef Brisket Burger was pretty juicy, but at times because it’s pulled brisket, there were dry pockets with no sauce.  But overall, not bad. Then the Beef Burger.  I went for the Bacon Burger, as I love bacon on a burger.  The burger itself was juicy, perfectly cooked and full of flavor.  The bun smooshed perfectly for me.  But the bacon was not to my liking.  It is too “meaty”, it’s the wrong kind of bacon to use on a burger because when you bite it, it’s chewy and you have to really pull at it to get it going.  Bacon on a burger needs to be crispy and break upon biting.  I would have went for a regular burger here instead of the bacon.There are fries that come with each burger, and while good, just an afterthought and nothing special.  I joked that I should give them to my vegetarian friends to eat.

The bottom line here is that this burger is a winner from all aspects.  Taste, juiciness, price, it just rocks.  I will come here again and again, but I will go for the Double Classic Burger.


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