Jerry’s BBQ – Jalan Kayu

I happened to be up in the area of Seletar Mall and decided to fill my craving for American food – which I get all the time living in Singapore.  I hopped on the LRT and headed to Jalan Kayu and Jerry’s BBQ.  I was looking for good BBQ!

Most people head to the outlet on Club Street, so this outpost is more of a dinner crowd I would say.

Step in and there is an aeronautical feel to the place. I started off with a little Ginger Beer. Now Jerry’s advertises some of the best Buffalo Wings in Singapore.  Take a look below.  Does that look like a Buffalo Wing?  Not in the least.  It’s Fried Chicken with a hot sauce drowning the chicken.  The taste is good, but by no means is this a Buffalo Wing. Now for the BBQ.  I decided to go with the Beef Briskey Sandwich lunch special.  I didn’t feel like Ribs or Chicken, but I wanted Beef and BBQ Brisket is either great or not.

This one is GREAT!!!  The meat was so tender and juicy, with enough fat to make it sing and enough meat to make it filling.  This is one pretty fine Beef Brisket sandwich.When I need BBQ I will come back.  For the BBQ, not the “Buffalo” Wings.


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