Monster Curry – All Outlets

Sometimes you just like a bargain.  Monster Curry is a huge chain in Singapore and their Japanese Curry isn’t half bad.  It’s even better on a lunch deal, when for under S$15 you can get a huge portion of Meat, Rice, Curry, Soup, Drink and Ice Cream.

So, why not?

We start with the Mushroom Soup.  Not great, but it’s there.

Then we get to the Curry.  This is the Pork Curry.  You can specify your level of spiciness and it’s done by adding chili to the Curry.  That’s the red you see here.  The higher the level, the more chili.  This is a “1” our of a possible 5. Here is the Chicken Curry.  No spice here, so no red chili in the curry.And my favorite of the bunch, the Fish Curry.  The Fish filet is nice here. Ice Cream to end it.It’s a bargain, a good deal, call it what you will.  The taste is pretty good too.  Definitely a “I can’t decide what to eat, this will do and it’s a good deal” for lunch.


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