Jia Xiang Nasi Lemak – Jalan Besar

I was in the Jalan Besar area and decided to check out this place that I have heard about that serves Nasi Lemak with Blue Rice.  I found myself at Jia Xiang, in an industrial building which is a little difficult to get to.

After going through a driveway, here it is.


This view is coming from the other side, through the alley.  The back door so to speak.


And here it is inside.  Not too impressive at all.  I guess there used to be a fronting here from previous pictures I have seen. But this is bare bones basics – the minimum.  I hope the food is better than this looks!


I decided to go with the Butterfly Pea drink.  It’s a nice color, not bad.  The Butterfly Pea drinks elsewhere have a little more impact.


And here it is – the Nasi Lemak with Chicken Rendang.  I also added the Curried Vegetables.



The rice was pretty normal except for the color.  The Rendang was nice and robust.  Chili was good, sweet and spicy at the same time.  The egg was a bit overcooked, not to my liking.  Overall a pretty good taste and different.  Pretty that’s for sure.

Not sure if I would head on over again.  The price is okay, not bad, but it’s pretty normal.  They were pretty busy packing lunch bentos when I came at 11am, so the kitchen was pretty busy.

Try it for the color and then you decide.


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