Chye Seng Huat Hardware – Jalan Besar

My walk around Jalan Besar had me wanting to get some coffee and snack.  I found Chye Seng Huat in front of me and decided to head on it.


You turn the corner into the courtyard and head on in.


Pretty packed place!


I wanted an Iced Coffee, but decided to give in to the new trend/fad that is going on in the coffee world – Cold Brew.

Coffee on tap – who would have thought of that?  Sometimes I am pretty old school – I just want my coffee.  But this time, let’s try something different.


Here is my Nitro Cold Brew – Black Matter.

It tastes pretty good – nice and cold and you can taste the tones inside the coffee.  I usually take it with some milk/cream/etc, but decided not to this time to get the full taste.


A little Rose Tea Cake to go with it.  A little dry, and I suppose cake goes better with hot coffee rather and an Iced Coffee or a Cold Brew.


Cafes aren’t really my thing, but it’s always good to head on in and try!


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