Hawkerman – Singpost Centre

I have heard a lot about Hawkerman at Singpost Centre and how it brings about three iconic Singaporean brands under one roof.  It has Warong Kim’s, Tenderfresh and Ah Boy.  Opened by a celebrity (Ben Yeo, the host of one of my favorite Singaporean shows, $2 Wonderfood, which gave me a great introduction to Singapore foods) it has gotten a lot of attention.


We started with some drinks – Lemongrass and Bandung.


We went for the Tenderfresh Fried Chicken.


The Fried Chicken was crispy but the meat inside was totally lacking any flavor or marinade. Just chicken with a crispy coating.




The La La Hokkien Mee was flavorless, small in portion and did not seem to have any heart and soul in it. And they gave me an unopened La La!



What an absolutely disappointing meal.  It was not a good meal at all, no flavor, expensive and just not worth it.

I wanted to try the Popiah, but I don’t know that I will be back to do it.



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