Seah Im Food Centre – Harbourfront

Across from Vivo City there is a food court – Seah Im.  The bus interchange is there and I am not sure a lot of people really know about it because they go to Vivo and that’s it.  Well, I tried it one day.

First up, I tried 呷三碗 (Eat 3 Bowls).  They specialize in some Taiwanese fare.


I had to try the 卤肉饭 that they have.  The small bowl is only SGD$3 and it packs a great flavor and wallop.  It has the great sticky feel to it and the flavors linger.  A great bowl of rice.


Next up was some Beef Noodles from Thaksin.


Look at that.  Such a big bowl for SGD$5.  The broth is deep and rich, the meat tender and juicy.  A little spice and it is just plain outstanding.


Get yourself down there.  Though it might be a steambath there, the food is pretty darn good.


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