Pizza Fabbrica – Kampong Glam

Pizza, I search and search for it in Singapore all the time.  I am picky, you know this.  Let’s try Pizza Fabbrica in Kampong Glam.


A very open concept here.


You can watch them make your pizzas.  It’s a tough choice really.  Either look at the sights outside or watch them make your pizza.  Not sure which one to choose…


Here we go!  Sausage and Peppers.  It’s in a Wood Fired Oven.


The thing I worry about most when it comes to Wood Fired Pizza is that they roll the dough too thin in the middle, so it’s so soggy in the middle.  This was the case here.

Why can’t they just add a little more dough and make it consistent throughout the whole pie?

Other than my rant, the pizza tastes good.  I would go for it again.  But I wish the crust was a little thicker.


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