Ramadan Bazaar 2018 – Geylang Serai

Despite the heat and humidity we still head down to the Ramadan Bazaar every year in Gelyang Serai.  We brave it because the food is pretty good and it’s fun to hang out there – for a short while until you can’t take the heat and humidity any more.


What’s fun for me is that my son can try the food this year!


OK, time to eat, look for short queues and get out of the heat and humidity as fast as we can.  So we stop at Crispy Rendang!


Hyde & Co has a Crispy Rendang special, so we wanted to try it out.


We went for the combo and you get a Mango Shake with it.


An order of Cheesy Twister Fries is also part of the combo.


And then the Crispy Rendang Chicken!


The Chicken Drumstick with Ketupat on the bottom, Rendang Sauce and Emping to top it off.  The Chicken isn’t crispy! Otherwise normal flavors, but a decent bite.


Next up – Gangster Ribs!


Look at that!


Here is the smallest portion of the Beef Ribs.


The ribs were melt in your mouth, a really good taste.  It needed a little more sauce, but otherwise a really good eat!


Next up we tried Loco Loco.


Salted Egg Yolk Fish and Chips.  The Salted Egg Yolk flavor was definitely there!  A little strong for me, but right up my wife’s alley.


But the Churros was what I was looking for.  This is the Ondeh Ondeh with White Chocolate Sauce.  I think I should have went for the Gula Melaka Sauce, but this was ok too.  The Churro was nice and dense and thick.  Fresh and well done!


And then the originals with White Chocolate.  Not sure why we went with White Chocolate on both, but, oh well!


After 2 hours of queuing and eating, that was all we could take.  Time to go home!


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