Took Lae Dee – Bangkok Sukhumvit 16

There is a lot of things said about Took Lae Dee.  How it’s cheap and affordable and good at the same time.  How it is 24 hours and located all around Bangkok.  How it is so good that they opened a branch at Tai Seng in Singapore.  Me, I like it for cheap and go to Thai food when in a rush or it’s not a convenient time.

Near my hotel in Sukhumvit, I went to the Sukhumvit 16 Foodland location.


Took Lae Dee’s are located inside of the supermarket and this one is one of the nicer ones.  A good amount of seating.


And you can watch from the bar if you want to see them cook in action.

IMG_9215Menu is somewhat limited, but still a nice selection of Thai and Western and Asia dishes.


A little Iced Lemon Tea.


Staples for me when it comes to Thai food is always Green Curry Chicken.  This is a very nice rendition – not too spicy, full of flavor and hits the spot with some rice.


Then a little Seafood Pad Thai.  Great taste here as well.  A little sweet, but with the wok hei that comes nicely with this.


All for $7USD/$9SGD.  It’s a little expensive for Thailand but nice for me.  Definitely on the eat list for simple food.


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