Guiga – Tanjong Pagar

Korean BBQ.  I had been craving some grilled beef for awhile and for Father’s Day we went on down to Tanjong Pagar to have some Korean BBQ!

Quite cozy inside. Time to check out the menu. After we ordered all of the Banchan and accompaniments came.  Here we have some Sausages and also the Dipping Sauce and Bean Paste for the BBQ. More Banchan – Kimchi, Honeyed Sweet Potatoes, Spicy Bean Sprouts and a Pasta Salad. And finally the lettuce to wrap the BBQ Meats.But before the meat, we had some Bibimbap.  Nicely done. Seafood Pancake.  Also quite nice. A little Steamed Egg for Kaleb.  Let’s get the BBQ started!  They use real charcoal. Premium Marinated Short Rib. I can’t wait! It’s a little weird with all the cuttings in the meat, but here it is, finished and ready to eat! Into the sauce you go and then into my belly!Korean BBQ is number 1!


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