Gyoza-Ya – Paragon

Gyoza-Ya’s have been popping up around Singapore and it’s a wonder we haven’t tried it yet because we love Gyoza.  We finally got around to trying the one in Paragon.

It’s not a huge outlet, but it has quite a few seats. A quick look at the menu. We started out with Ramen first.  This is the Truffle Ramen.  It’s an interesting mix, very flavored with the Truffle. Next was a regular Ramen.Now onto the different types of Gyoza/Dumplings.  This is Steamed Vegetable Dumplings with a normal soy sauce based sauce. Shichimi Pork Dumplings.  This one was a bit spicy! And Crab Gyoza.  Nicely flavored here, full of crab meat.A little run of the mill, but not bad.  The price is a little steep though.


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