Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise – Outram

Always looking for a deal and we found a one-for-one here at Sea Tripod.  It’s a steam your food kind of place.  I’ve had it before in China but not in Singapore, so it was worth a try.

Here is the special Here is the steaming apparatus Under it is where they make the Lobster Porridge.  One Lobster. The way of doing it is that the drippings from the steaming go into the porridge and then make a nice union of flavors. We started with Salad Salad Prawns Kurobota Pork on Spinach Into the steamer! And done Veggies with Black Bean Chicken Scallops, Oysters and La La.  One each except for La La, which is two pieces Finally a Sea Bass Not worth it.  I have had much better in China and I won’t be back here.  I left hungry.


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