Triple Three Mandarin Orchard – Orchard

Everyone points to Triple Three at Mandarin Orchard as one of the best hotel buffets in Singapore.

You usually have to book in advance and so we did.

It’s currently a la carte buffet due to Covid, but you can see the stations where they prepare all the food.

It’s known for Seafood, so the Seafood Platter came first along with Soup and some appetizers. The seafood was fresh and quite nice.

Crab Fried Rice, Pickled Vegetable Fish Soup and Chili Prawns in Chili Crab Sauce was next. A little dry on the rice and I would rather have Chili Crab.

Foie Gras, Octopus and Swordfish Sashimi, and Tempura were next. All very fresh.

An assortment of Turkey, Seabass and Beef were next. All pretty standard.

Baked Scallops, Spicy Chicken Wings and Sausage followed. Again, quite standard.

The Stir Fried Beef, Grilled Lamb Chop and Grilled Salmon were really nice. Tender and flavorful. We came back for more beef.

Butter Chicken with Naan was not great. The Naan was absolutely terrible. Actually, did not seem like Naan at all.

Fish Maw with Abalone Mushroom was decent, as was the Chawanmushi.

Dessert consisted of fruits, cakes, Chocolate Lava Cake and ice cream. All pretty standard as well.

And a birthday cake for me!

Food was ok, not great. But I think not worth the money and hype.


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