Sushiro – Isetan Scotts/Orchard/Suntec

Kaiten Sushi in Singapore. This chain is very big in Japan, and it’s quite impressive here in Singapore also.
Pretty good quality items and some selections which are not found sometimes in Singapore chains.
My rules – I always avoid Salmon, Maguro, Hamachi and the usuals you can always find. Go for premium and items you don’t normally see.
Ootoro is amazing (the premium is much better than the value plate, go for the premium, you can see the difference), as is the Uni.
Kani, Whelk, Baby Scallops, Engawa (the differing portion size really disturbs me though)
Uni Ramen (!), Arkshell and Surf Clam
Hotate, Ebi, Roast Beef with Uni and Mango Soft Serve to round it out.
You can take it off the conveyor but ordering and having it come directly to you on the conveyor is more fun!
Damage is not bad, abt S$50 a person because of Ootoro and Uni.
I will be back!
And so I did! I went back to Isetan one more time and then a newer branch in Suntec.
I ordered some of the same items, but here are new ones that I also ordered.
Albacore Tuna
Salmon Belly, Ebi Gunkan, Hotate with Ikura, Sesame Miso Tai, Kani, Whole Ika with Ponzu Jelly, Amaebi, Ikura Gunkan and Prawn Avocado Roll. Tamago, Shrimp Tempura Roll, Kani Tempura Roll, Ika Karaage, Tori Karaage, Prawn Tempura, Meatball Gunkan, Crab Croquette and Shoyu Ramen Dessert with Lava Cake, Melba (Millefeille and Ice Cream), Strawberry Millefuille and Hattendo Chocalate Ganache Bun I will continue to go back!

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