A Noodle Story – Guoco Tower

Have I told the story of how I get taken by hype sometimes and make a wrong decision? Well, in case I haven’t, here I am again. And this time it’s at Michelin Bib A Noodle Story.

This stall is at Guoco Tower, not the original at Amoy Street, so the prices are different, and perhaps the noodles are a little different too.

Their Singapore Style Ramen was my choice and I must say, it was quite disappointing. The Dumplings were good, but everything else was just average. I didn’t enjoy the actual noodles themself, nor the Wu Xiang. The Char Siew was tender and soft and the egg was a good ramen egg, but that’s really about all for me.

At that price point, I won’t be back. But at least I tried it.


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