Koal – Orchard

One of the most talked about new places to eat in Singapore is Koal.

It is part of the Les Amis group, holders of Michelin Stars.

We started with the Bread Roll. It is in a cast iron skillet filled with bacon and spring onions. The taste is so good you just want to keep going back for more. And it didn’t even need the butter that came with it.

Then we had the Riblets and Cabbage. The Riblets were spicy enough to numb you for a bit and the pork was so tender. A great dish! The Cabbage was a little sweet to me, with the dried prawns. Just ok for me.

Then for the BBQ Meat we went with the Hangar Steak. It was tender and full of the char.

The Pork Pressa was also tender and char-tasting. We had the Chimichurri sauce here and it needed a bit of it as I thought it was underseasoned.

For dessert we had Hojica and Whiskey Tiramisu – nice and the liquor really came through here.

Then Makgeolli and Strawberries. The Korean liquor was not really helping the dessert. Not one of our favorites.

Overall, a great meal with interesting flavors. I would try it again!


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