Haike – Shanghai

Steamed Seafood is getting very popular and Haike does it right.

How does it work?  Each table is equipped with a steamer.  That’s where your food is cooked.  It’s now up to you – what do you want to eat today?There are tanks of live seafood and you choose.  Then they will bring it over. Fancy shellfish?  Here it is, all sorts. Live Crab or Fish?  It’s all there. After you’ve made your selection, you sit back and wait for them to come and cook for you.

The first thing they do with the steamer is take the plates out and in the bottom, they mix rice, sweet potato, pork and other items.

What is this going to be?  The juices from the steaming and the water will cook this into a porridge.  More on that later. The steamer plate goes back on.And in goes the seafood! Mantis Prawns and Prawns are all in. Ready to eat the first round! Next round – Sea Snails and Large Clams! Next round – Abalone and Red Clams! And finally a Sea Bass! Yum, yum, yum.

Now, back to the porridge.

After eating the seafood, you take up the steamer plate and here’s what you have. Stir in a little lettuce and some more seasonings and done!  Porridge! So sweet and flavorful!  Wow, this was a great ending and a great taste.  So amazing this porridge with the seafood drippings and steam!What is this damage?  For 3 of us, 300RMB.  That’s about $45 USD, $60 SGD.

Yup, I like.


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